Monday, August 6, 2007

The House Party

It's amazing how much fun posting a blog seems when there is a deadline looming. But we had a party on the weekend and I feel the need to debrief. Certain events are definately worthy of mention.
First, perseverance points need to be handed out to a few chaps.
1. Simon is determined (I think) to lose the moniker "One Wash Simon" because every time he visits our apartment, he puts a bowl on his head and parades around. I think he wants to be known as "Simon Who Wears a Bowl On His Head" but that's not quite as catchy. Anyway, he did it again the other day. He is fond of the purple bowl.
2. The English guy who attempted to crack onto 4 separate women, one after the other. He finally got someone interested (a fellow Brit, so they must have bonded over Coronation Street or something) so well done. Bonus points.
3.Every second male at this party was called Nathan, so I'll refer to this one as Nathan #3 (why not...). His points are for being so boring that he was able to turn interesting things boring. He is an ex-champion of the weirdest sport ever (some kind of rowing in ancient boats) but he made that sound boring. He talked about the snooze function on his alarm clock for 5 minutes. Now that is perseverance.

A few other details in a nutshell: a kitten was brought up to visit from another apartment, the meatballs didn't get burnt, snaps to Nicola who wore her nightie as a dress, and shout out to the young lady (name withheld) who is now dating the guy she hooked up with, even though she couldn't initially remember his name!!

Faux pas quotes:
"You have great childbearing hips"
"I can't stand thespians who smoke. What do you do?" ... "I'm an actor. And I'm going outside for a cigarette"

And finally, for those of you who suffered the following day, the ingredients of the punch are as follows:
Apricot juice
Sugar Syrup
Triple Sec (stolen from Eve's cocktail party)

Thankyou and goodnight

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