Monday, August 20, 2007

Men Are Like Undies

This post has been co-authored with LG Life's Good (is basically an email convo we had with one another this morning)

Men are like Undies.
The small and very pretty ones (eg Anthony Callea) are quite useless.

the older ones are sometimes the ugliest but perhaps the best for
rainy days

If you don't wash them they will start to smell

if you get the wrong type for you they're a pain in the arse

men are like boxer shorts- a good idea in theory, but perhaps not terrible

and finally, men are like undies: not much good if you are legless


Daniel said...

I'm going to the mall.

Daniel said...

I went to the mall.

Felix for Zosia said...

Did you buy some undies at the mall?

karla said...

Not that I'm a big fan of Anthony Callea, but what exactly makes him useless as a man? Is it based purely on his sexual orientation (in which case, a footnote is required stating that is he useless for hetrosexual women who want a partner - and not a shopping partner) or is there something I've missed?
Also wondering whether, with the exception of the first comment (small & pretty = useless), this can be reversed with "women" replacing "men" in the text? Really, I think it's only fair that we ensure gender equality.

karla said...

An interesting commentary on ladies undies....

Felix for Zosia said...

Yes, We most certainly can reverse the designated genders, unless we add the comment "Men are like undies because you often find yourself thinking Y?"

And further to the idea of AC being useless, well he is too short to change a lightbulb for one thing. I am sure if we put our heads together we could think of more things, but I personally can't be bothered.