Friday, February 22, 2008

Old vs New

Is it wrong to compare people? If it is, bad luck. Here is a brief list of the old versus the new flatmate
GD= old, CC = new).


I can tell CC is going to be fantastic blog fodder (in a good way). He is very quotable. For example:
"What's the girl with the bears? Is it Goldilocks?"


Me: "I find your homophobic comments very difficult and upsetting to deal with"
GD: (perplexed) " but you like Will and Grace!"

Me: "Can you please pull your weight and wash the dishes more often?"
GD: "But you work from home so you can use washing the dishes as a procrastination technique"


CC spontaneously breaks out singing a song and clicking his fingers like a Jet or a Shark from West Side Story. This comes amidst a discussion of the relative merits of Leonard Bernstein as composer, and Stephen Sondheim as composer/lyricist.


GD likes to throw things off the balcony and watch them drop.


CC offers to switch gender on occasion if necessary in order to become a girly shoulder to cry on


GD leaves furniture in the apartment after he has stopped paying rent, and is indignant when he is informed that it has been moved.

Final Results:

This clearly demonstrates CC is the winner. Yay!


Jacob said...

Oh my. Is your old flatmate five years old?

Original Mel said...

You like Will and Grace? Tell me only the early stuff, before it went all... shit.

Felix for Zosia said...

Jacob, he is more like TWENTY five. Current conversations about him involve the participants trying to figure out how he manages to hold down a job. Scary to think that people like him can drive, vote, have children... (and on that note - he did a postal vote last year because it was 'less effort'...)

Mel, I never watched the episodes in any kind of order, but the conversation took place about 6 months ago and I am now sick of it. Does that help?

Nerd Girl said...

I think your contest is a little one sided here, how coud anyone compete with someone named after a delicious junk food snack?

Jo said...

Let's you, me and your acronyms go for a beer and discuss sharing one's house with freaks.
Ha! the psychic who blamed sleeping pills for eating the good cheese, and HO! stole any prescription drugs she found in anyone's room.

Felix for Zosia said...

NG - good point.

Jo - It may take more than one beer. We will also need to get through the Amway selling lawyer, the Mormon, and K "the Holy Spirit is looking after me" P.

Jo said...

Let's set up a round of shots, ready for "If I see your dead grandfather sitting next to you on the couch, I won't tell you, because I know you're a skeptic".