Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sydney, What Can You Learn From Melbourne?

Good coffee should be available everywhere, not just in two suburbs. While I appreciate Sydney's many culinary delights, most of the coffee here sits on a scale somewhere between Average and Crapola.

Smart Casual can be more than just a pink t shirt with the collar sticking up, and a pair of sunglasses perched on your head.

Get proper gutters. Sydney may have 300 days of sunshine a year* but that leaves over two months worth of days when it rains. And guess what kids? It often rains A LOT on those days. New South Wales may be in drought, but that is just farms and dams. In the city of Sydney, it rains, and it rains A LOT.

Trams. They go "ding ding!" and somehow seem cooler than trains and buses.

Gangland Murders. Can you sex up your crime a little bit? Someone getting gunned down in a pizza parlour off Lygon St is so much more stylish than someone being bashed outside a nightclub by hooligans.

Get proper gutters. The whole point of this post was to rant about the stupid, shallow gutters because I got very wet on several occasions this week.

*I got this statistic off the telly, so it must be true.


amberjee said...

try having only one good place in the whole of London to get decent coffee. Either that or fly to Italy for the weekend.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Oh, yeah I wuldnt be able to HANDLE bad coffee.

Felix for Zosia said...

Ambi, Chelsea, I'm afraid to say that you get used to it, and learn to put up with average. I know it's around, but I object to having to hunt for it. And if you want to turn right instead of left some time, there is good coffee in Galway but in the rest of Ireland it's shite.

Cléa said...

Bad coffee makes me grow a second head. And smart casual, or office attire, doesn't mean black thongs instead of smart shoes.