Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Ish, Two Ish. Red Ish, Blue Ish

My friend had a Polynesian themed party a little while ago. Since she has postgraduate qualifications in Party Organisation, and a graduate diploma in Use of Food Colouring among her achievements, it was great. Plus, there was a pool. But the theme, I have to admit, was really Polynesian-ish. As well as grass skirts, and lots of pineapple and sweet potato, the key points of the theme slid into other areas. There were pina coladas which I think are really Hispanic-ish. Somewhat inexplicably, there was a rousing rendition of that Aqua classic "Barbie Girl" sung in Dutch, to the delight and amusement of the crowd. But the point of all this dissection is that I have a question, only mildy related to the example of the Polynesian-ish party that I provided mostly because I can write about anything I want to and that seemed as good a topic as any. My question is this:

If you're Jewish does that mean you are sort of Jew? The same goes for Swedish, although that gets trickier. Are you sort of Swede, meaning a bit like a turnip, or sort of Swed, which means something else but I have no idea what.

Ok, maybe I have more than one question here. If we take "ish" to mean "sort of", does that mean you could safely say you are Swedish because you have watched a lot of Ingmar Bergman films and you are quite tall with a bit of a tan?

And what on earth to make of the word "fetish"? Oh, crumbs!


Cléa said...

Fet-ish... something like fetta cheese but not quite?

Felix for Zosia said...

A-ha - of course! or maybe fete-like?